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Patents and Certificates

Technoprom is one of the Techno group companies. Developers of our production are highly-qualified specialists and engineers experienced in working at institutes and factories of oil and gas and military-industrial complex.

The line-up of Technoprom’s products offers absolutely innovative technical solutions that facilitate the implementation of the full-scale technologies, including the automatic corrosion monitoring technologies.

Technoprom products are issued under the ‘PVEK’ trade mark that has earned positive accreditation from the anti-corrosion protection specialists, and is a wise choice made in favour of applying the latest achievements of the technical progress.

Technoprom products are a combination of ease and reliability, aesthetics and anti-vandal properties, frost resistance and sustainability in high temperatures; they do not lose their distinguishability against the colour backdrop of the local natural environment and easily adapt to the new technologies of pipeline condition control and monitoring.

Technoprom is a member of the Non-commercial Partnership ‘Cooperation in the implementation of innovative technologies in the sphere of anti-corrosion protection of the oil and gas industry’ (NP ‘SOPCOR’).

Technoprom’s quality management system (SMQ) is certified as conforming to the demands of GOST R ISO 9001-2008.

Scientific developments implemented during the production issued under ‘PVEK’ trade mark are protected by a copyright.

The production’s conformity with the GOST demands are confirmed by the issued conformity certificates.

Technoprom production has been included in the Register of electro-chemical defence equipment permitted for use in OAO Gazprom.

Our professional competency is based on the in-depth knowledge of the anti-corrosion protection equipment market and experience gained in the implementation of projects that focus on anti-corrosion protection of functioning and newly-built pipelines.

Our clients can be rest assured they are to receive quality products that will meet their demands to the fullest.


Gas leak control device ТУ 4318-002-87598003-2010

Joint protection block ТУ 4318-002-87598003-2010

Transfer control device ТУ 4318-002-87598003-2010

Protective earthing device ТУ 4318-002-87598003-2010

Anode earthings, protectors and electric jumpers control device ТУ 4318-002-87598003-2010

KIP PVEK with the kilometre-outlook roof ТУ 4318-002-87598003-2010

Supportive-directive rings PVEK ‘Central-1’ TУ 1469-003-87598003-2008

Electricity-insulating lodgement PVEK ‘Izoplast’ ТУ 1469-004-87598003-2009

Protective cover PVEK ‘Barrier-M’ ТУ 2247-010-87598003-2011

Informative-warning sign PVEK ‘Marker-T’

Potential measurement point fixator PVEK ‘FTI’ ТУ 4314-007-87598003-2011

Access point fixator PVEK ‘FTD’ ТУ 4318-008-87598003-2011

PVEK Flexible electrodes of the extended type anode earthing

ZIP (DIY-set) for KIP PVEK