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Energetics, protective cap

  • Bright reflective elements;
  • Good visibility;
  • Easy to use;
  • Easy to transport;
  • Resistance to adverse environmental conditions;
  • Reflective elements ensure good visibility in the dark;
  • 3-year warranty;
  • Free service during the usage period;
  • The device is made out of a non-flammable material;
  • European design;
  • Pivot’s flexibility allows to for it to stay in one piece after being run over by a car or any specialized machinery servicing the road, which makes the pivot work for a much longer period than any other regular product;
  • Lack of damage on a car after a collision;
  • Anti-vandal device installed inside the pivot.



The cap is designed to protect the surface of the overhead power lines isolator wreath from any damage from birds, paint and mechanical action and to resist any corrosion of the isolators, which ensures that the device will function for a long time.

The cap is made out of special composite material that is distinguishable by its mechanical sturdiness, high isolative properties and resilience to sudden temperature changes.

Technical information and features

Cap diameter, mm


Type of protectable isolators


Permissible wind load (at the wind speed of 30m\sec),H (kgF)


Permissible load during icing, H (kgF) up to


Cap mass, kg (along with the mount)

1,8- 2,0

Temperature mode during the utilization

-60°С… +60°С